Rick Montieth began trading the futures markets back in the early 1980s.  With the help of a few trading newsletter services and attending some seminars (thank you Jake Bernstein!) he achieved a small level of success after a few years.

Then in 1985, after experiencing a large winning trade ($40K+), he got caught in an overnight metal futures squeeze, blew out his account and had to come up with almost $100K to take care of his account deficit.  That effectively ended Rick’s trading until the year 2000 when he started trading stocks.

By 2001 he was trading futures again.  In August of 2002,  Rick co-founded efuturevision.com, a real time live trading room and web site trading service. Rick had the good fortune of learning the trading techniques of some top notch traders who participated in the efuturevision live trading room.  He will forever be grateful for their willingness to share their trading methodologies.  Mike, Jimmer, and Al, thank you! (I am sad to report that Mike Bruns passed away this past January 2017. Thank you Mike for all your contributions. You are missed, my friend.)

In the summer of 2004  Rick closed the efuturevision live room to trade privately full time with his trading partners.  It was here where he developed his own trading plan and trading style, eventually creating what  Rick calls his high probability ‘3x Trend Method’ as well as utilizing other profitable trading techniques. The Traders Club offers how to learn to trade the 3x Trend Method along with Rick’s proprietary OKC method.

Rick has a passion for trading and enjoys sharing his experiences, methodologies and insights with other traders who want to improve their trading performance.  It is his goal to teach traders what it takes to trade successfully in this tough and often brutal business, thus the re-opening of www.efuturevision.com.

Known for his honesty and attentiveness to those who have sought his guidance in recent years, Rick is an ideal mentor.  The testimonials posted at the efuturevision site attest to his willingness to help others.  It has been said by others that he is a good teacher without the hype or unrealistic promises.  Why does Rick choose to help others with their trading?  A basic concept of buddhism is “when you light the path for another person, you also light the path for yourself”.

Rick has three children, of which two are active in his family natural foods business of 44 years located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  His youngest child is a chiropractor in Indianapolis.  He also has 7 adorable grandkids!  Health and wellness is another passion of Rick’s and he enjoys counselling in this arena too.  After all, if you do not have your health chances are you will spend what wealth you have regaining your health.  Why not have both!

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  1. terrisan

    Hi Rick
    Great to find this site and to know that you are doing OK.
    Best regards

    • admin

      Hi Terry! and great to hear from you my friend. Hope all is well with you.

  2. Luis Chavez

    Hi Rick

    Thank you for sharing your personal story and your expertise.


  3. Nancy Iannelli

    Rick, have you closed E Futurevision? It looks as if 2012 may have been the end as I don’t see things updated at the bottom of the page. would love to know if you are trading anywhere else, or just don’t have the site up anymore. Thank you!
    Are you still trading your method?

    • admin

      hi Nancy,

      my apologies for the very slow reply. You are correct in saying the site has not been updated in several years. The site is still active and I am still trading my methodologies full time. Nothing much has changed with the methodologies which is why I haven’t created new content. But I plan to this year to give it a fresh look.

      Let me know if I can be of any help.


  4. Andy

    Dear Sir

    I came across this site accidentally.
    Are you still sharing some knowhow or live room with other traders ?
    Normally onle ES.
    Thanks for your reply.

    • admin

      hi Andy,

      thanks for finding us! We still offer a subscription to the Traders Club which includes access to the live room. I trade primarily the ES, euro, bonds, gold, and oil.
      Let me know if you have further questions.