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The Traders Club is a high quality day trading training course designed to help you become a profitable day trader.

Think of it as coaching, mentoring and training all in one. You get access to all my tested & proven high probability strategies and indicators;

  • The 3x Trend Method Training Videos
  • Advanced 3x Method Strategies Training Videos
  • Easy To Install 3x Indicator Templates Included
  • Support for Ensign/TradeStation/NinjaTrader/Sierra Chart/MultiCharts & MT4!
What Do I Learn As A Traders Club Member?

You learn exactly how to trade each of my high probability strategies.

Each of my detailed and thorough training videos teaches you the following;

  • How to set up your charts & indicators
  • Trade rules & setup criteria
  • When to get in
  • When to get out
  • Where to place your stop
  • Where to place profit targets
  • Guidelines for managing your trades
What’s So Unique About The Traders Club Setups?
Orthodox trade strategies typically use just one time frame, which in my experience limits your perspective and leads to getting ‘lost’, getting too close to the intraday action, overtrading and ultimately losing money.

My 3x setup utilizes multiple time frame analysis to gauge momentum & trend across larger time frames. This keeps you on the correct side of the market more often, and encourages you to trade with the trend & momentum. A very good practice for consistently profitable trading!

You get instant access to all the very same high probability strategies that I use  in my own trading every single day. Only the very best setups & tactics make it to the Traders Club. There’s no fluff or filler content. Quality beats quantity.

Is The Training Material 100% Online Based?
Yes, you get instant online access to the training videos even at 3 AM  and you can watch them as many times as you like. Pause & rewind as many times as you need. Take it at your own pace, in your own time. It’s flexible learning to suit you.
Do The Setups Work For Forex Too?
Absolutely! My strategies are based on fundamental truths of market behaviors. If you trade a liquid market, you can use my high probability strategies whether you trade futures, forex or stocks. Intraday, swing or position trading. We also have full indicator support for the popular forex charting software Meta Trader 4.
OK Great! How Do I Join The Traders Club?

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

There are no recurring monthly fees. No tricks. No gimmicks. If you’re not satisfied, just let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund your money.

Payment is  SECURE and ENCRYPTED.

Joining is easy. You pay a one time fee of $199 which grants you instant unlimited access to the Traders Club training videos & indicators. Incredible value for so much quality content.


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  1. Jeff

    Do you have your indicators ported to the TOS platform?

    • admin


      not yet. Looking for a coder who can help with this.


  2. admin

    Nick, the fee is a one time fee.



  3. Scott

    Hello Rick, thank you for putting together such an informative presentation.

    What’s the work-around for folks who use dealer provided platforms with respect to the 3x indicator? After viewing your presentation it seems that your custom indicator is one of the keys to the successful execution of your trading methods.

    Currently I trade with GFT using their DealBook software and I’m happy with it. But I don’t see how how I could utilize the 3x indicator on that platform. I detest MetaTrader and won’t use it.



    • admin

      Hello Scott,

      Thanks for the inquiry. The work-around for the 3x indicator is to look at the fast sto on the 3x timeframe. The 3x indicator was created as a visual tool that tells you the direction of the fast stochastic in the 3x timeframe. No need to look at the higher timeframe to see what the momentum is. If you cannot create the 3x indicator in your charting software you can look at the fast sto in the 3x timeframe. You can get by just fine without the 3x indicator.

      Let me know if you have further questions.


  4. Nancy

    Rick, Is it possible touse your indicators with either Stockcharts.com or with freestockcharts.com? I noticed that you mentioned some timeframes that are not part of Stockcharts so am wondering how adaptable it is.

    Has anyone had experience trading your indicators on foreign markets? in other words markets that are open during the evenings? I work full time and am looking for a way to trade on other markets.

    • admin

      hi Nancy,

      i am not very familiar with stocharts or freestockcharts. If they don’t offer stochastics or moving averages then it won’t be possible.

      i’ve had several British traders do well trading currencies during the european session. I know the 3x trend method will work just fine in any liquid market including the european and asian markets. If trading is slow you will need to adjust your timeframes by looking at the larger ones.

      let me know if you have additional questions.


  5. admin


    I am sorry but we currently do not provide a template for esignal charting. We have ensign, tradestation, ninja, multicharts, and Sierra. If you know a coder for esignal let me know and I will look in to it. This is the first request for esignal charting.



  6. Sean

    Hi Rick,

    What are the settings for:

    1) slow stochastic on core time frame
    2) fast stochastic on 3x time frame
    3) Keltner channel on core time frame

    Furthermore, for the slow and fast stochastic do you only look at the D line (and not the K line)?

    Much appreciated

    • admin


      The slow sto uses the K line and the fast sto uses the D line. The other settings are reserved for Traders Club members. Hopefully you understand. If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to ask.